The Perfect Pour with Treadwell Park’s Cicerone Anne Becerra

The Perfect Pour with Treadwell Park’s Cicerone Anne Becerra

There’s a funny thing that happens when you order a beer. You may not notice, and that’s alright, what with all those distractions in a bar: the smiling eyes of your friends, the buzzing of conversation all around you, the music and television rising and falling overhead.

You might not think of it as you scan the menu for the perfect beer, the right combination of flavor and refreshment. It may not occur to you, even as you watch the waiter withdraw to the bar, the bartender pull the tap and fill a glass, and the beer make its way back to you.

There’s a funny thing that happens. Somehow, in some way, you’ve completely missed noticing the incredible amount of thought that is needed to prepare and deliver that beer to where it’s standing, cool and crisp and perfect, before you.

Anne Becerra has noticed. And, as cicerone of Treadwell Park, a craft beer bar on 62nd & First Avenue, she’s made it her job to ensure that you never quite do notice them, either. Carbonation and pressure levels on the lines, the glassware into which the beer is poured, the number of pilsners on the menu; these are just a handful of decisions a cicerone has to make, and lucky for Treadwell (and us!), Anne has put a great deal of thought into them. And lucky for Anne, Treadwell Park offers a great opportunity to test those thoughts out.