10 Absolutely Epic NYC Halloween Parties You Don’t Want to Miss This Year

10 Absolutely Epic NYC Halloween Parties You Don't Want to Miss This Year

Halloween can easily be considered one of the biggest party weekends in New York City, and we’re not just talking about the parade down in the Village.

Of course, for every person that loves going out and mixing it up, there are an overwhelming number of people content to stay home and watch horror movies that don’t actually end up doing much of anything than provide background music to a near-overdose of giant bags of candy from Duane Reade.

For Halloween, the streets are filled with costumed characters of all ages, and the bars and clubs don’t shy from trying to making sure their venue is hosting the party to be at.

With the hundreds of parties going on all over the city that weekend, here are some that got us the most excited to get our scare on.

Treadwell Park (1125 First Avenue)

Celebrate your inner devil at Treadwell Park, the hottest beer hall on the Upper East Side.

On Saturday, October 29th, they will be featuring Avery Brewing Co.’s Demons of Ale series with selections such as Avery Rumpkin (rum barrel aged pumpkin bee) and a Sweet and Savory Snack Menu including a season your own (SYO) popcorn station, cotton candy and other assorted sweets.

A face painter will be on hand to create naughty and whimsical designs to compete your Halloween look. Be sure to bring your A-game when it comes to costume choice for your chance to win a beer-tastic gift basket!