There’s a Beer Just for You

Athleisure - There's a Beer Just for You

The Summer is officially on (although we´ve been feeling its love for awhile). That means everything can be celebrated at a drop of a hat! With long weekends, summer fridays and after work drinks – may be suggest Treadweell Park? Known as the cathedral of beers, those who have loved the location on the UES can now make their way to Battery Park (301 South End Ave) for even more tasty libations!

Whatever your knowledge of beer may be, you’ll love the ever-changing draft and bottled beers, beerhall classic foods and with ceiling windows that open out – it´s all about embracing the energy that is found here. Enjoy siting outside or bring in by listening to the DJ, playing ping pong, foosball andd various pinball machines. We took some time to chat with their beer curator & Directos Anne Becerra to get the lockdown on what’s taking place here and why it should be on our must list this summer and beyond.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about Treadwell Park in Battery Park. Should people know it as the Cathedral of Beers?

ANNE BECERRA: “Cathedral of Beers” may  be a little too much, but we do carry several beers brewed in monasteries and we do have two giant skylights so i suppose…

What we´re really looking to do is bring as much great beer to the neighborhood as we can with 20 rotating draught lines and over 50 rotating bottles. A lot thought goes into the beers we choose, and it’s really important to have a wide array of styles for every palate and budget. We´re fortunate to be able to bring in some incredibly rare, hard to find and highly specialized beers, and our goal  is to get them to as many people as possible. Whether you already love beer, or are just starting to enjoy it, we can pretty much guarantee you´ll find something you love at Treadwell Park.