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You May Be Drinking Beer Wrong — And That’s Why It’s Making You Feel *SO* Full

Beer bloat is real — so how do we avoid it?!

Well, according to Anne Becerra, beer director at Treadwell Park in NYC, you should try to avoid these three common mistakes:

1. Drinking It Straight Out of the Can or Bottle
2. Drinking It Really, Really Cold
3. Drinking A LOT of It (Remember to always drink responsibly!)

“I think [feeling full] has to do with the way we’re conditioned to drink beer,” Anne explains, “which is directly out of a can or a bottle, very, very cold and in excess.”

“Carbonation is in the liquid,” she continues, “so it’s in the bottle and cold temperatures keep it locked in even more.”

In other words, if you don’t pour beer into a glass before drinking it, it’s more likely to expand IN your stomach.

Nooo! 🙈

Well, the good news is, now you know!