A Curated Tour of NYC’s Best Sausages Launches at Treadwell Park

A Curated Tour of NYC's Best Sausages Launches at Treadwell Park

Treadwell Park, the Upper East Side craft beer hall and restaurant, will be presenting SAUSAGEFEST from January 16th – February 12th – a curated tour of New York City’s best sausages.

Chef Stephen Lyle, who has leant his expertise to favorite NYC eateries including Quatorze, The Odeon, and Village, roamed NYC looking for the best sausages in town. After traveling from borough to borough, he created a truly delicious menu featuring five hand-picked offerings.

Guests can choose from the following:

•    Butcher Block’s White English Pudding (Sunnyside): Don’t be misled by the old English name for white sausage – this is delicately seasoned and soft from breadcrumbs.  Butcher Block, a big grocery store just off Queens Boulevard at 41st, has been making and selling Irish and English specialties since 1983.

•    Morscher’s Kase Krainer (Ridgewood): A smoked pork sausage made with cheese. Wonderfully smoky and juicy with huge flavor from this master butcher in Ridgewood, Queens – established in the early 50’s.

•    Kiszka’s Kielbasa (Greenpoint): Beautifully emulsified, cured and smoked, it’s an excellent example of the craft.

•    Sorriso’s Sweet Italian Sausage with Fennel (Astoria): A lovely, rustically rough cut version of the classic from a super-friendly, family-owned salumeria on 30th Avenue in Astoria, established 30 years ago.

•    TWP’s Grilled Duck, Foie Gras & Black Trumpet Mushroom Sausage (Upper East Side): Made in-house at Treadwell Park, this selection is a little trip back to Chef Stephen’s early days as a cook at a Bistro in France—with some foie gras thrown in for good measure!

Each sausage selection has been expertly paired with unique, unexpected beer suggestions from around the world, which Treadwell Park is known for. I’ve attached the menu with beer pairings for you to read through.