Get In The Spirit For National Margarita Day in NYC

Get In The Spirit For National Margarita Day in NYC

Vamos! Grab some salt and lime, it’s almost National Margarita Day! Tickle your taste buds Wednesday, February 22nd as you celebrate the day that honors America’s favorite tequila-libation: the margarita. Traditionally made with triple sec, lime juice and, of course, tequila – frozen or not, it’s time to play with/switch up? the classic recipe.

From a Hibiscus Ginger Margarita, to a marg made with St-Germain and grapefruit juice, you won’t have to think twice before ordering another round, with each cocktail being specially crafted with Tequila Cazadores 100% blue agave, hailing from the highlands of Jalisco. Brought to you by mixologist & Tequila Cazadores brand ambassador, Manny Hinojosa, these cocktails are far from your traditional margarita, offering a whole new flavor, highlighting current trends in the mixology scene. Whether that means mixing multiple spirits together, or playing with brightly colored ingredients, the uniqueness of each crafted cocktail shines through in just a single sip.

Below you’ll find recipes for two thirst-quenching margaritas that are sure to satisfy – both are available at NYC restaurants, Treadwell Park & Mundo so if your audience isn’t feeling DIY, they can head to the bar!


An unconventional spin on the classic cocktail. Adds a milk stout beer float for an exciting new dimension.

1oz Tequila

.75oz Lime

.75oz Simple

Shake Hard and Strain into Pilsner Glass

1.5oz Ginger Beer

Float Milk Stout with a Spoon