Treadwell Park’s Tempest Negra

Treadwell Park's Tempest Negra

I know for some of us every day is Margarita Day, but whoever designates these things has officially named February 22nd as the day to indulge in Mexico’s favorite cocktail.

The traditional Margarita was invented in 1937 and mainly consists of triple sec, tequila and lime or lemon juice, but as you can see from the recipes below there are lots and lots of variations on the theme.

So if you can’t hop on a last minute flight, we have you covered.  Celebrate at home with a few of these delicious concoctions. We plan on taste testing every one tonight and we’ve already bought the extra large bottle of Tylenol for tomorrow.

Treadwell Park on New York’s Upper East Side serves this yummy concoction:

Tempest Negra

1oz Tequila

.75oz Lime

.75oz Simple

Shake Hard and Strain into Pilsner Glass

1.5oz Ginger Beer

Float Milk Stout with a Spoon