Revolution Brewing Company Party at Treadwell Park

Revolution Brewing Company Party at Treadwell Park

TREADWELL PARK THE DOGS Chicago Beer, Chicago Dogs, Chicago Tattoos Chicago’s Revolution Brewing is coming to NYC and declaring their presence with a party at this UES beer hall. There will be ample beer, hot dogs the way Chicagoans…
Treadwell Park; NYC Beer Craft Hall; NYC Bar; NYC Restaurant

Late-Night Hey Arnold and Beer Cocktails

For two hours every Saturday, this UES craft beer spot will screen old-school SNICK shows (Are You Afraid of the Dark, Doug, Rugrats, the like) as you drink things like Green Slime (gin, grapefruit, Sprite), nosh on pulled-pork nachos and play…
UrbanDaddy The weekender Competitive Stein Hoisting

The Weekender Competitive Stein Hoisting

THE END OF PURITY Just So Many German Beers Precisely 500 years ago, the German Beer Purity Law was passed, stating that beer may only contain water, barley and hops. Here’s where you may celebrate that with polka, bratwurst, a beer-stein-hoisting…
UrbanDaddy New York Where To Watch SuperBowl 50

New York: Where To Watch SuperBowl 50

New York: Where to Watch The most important football game happening on February 7 is probably, most likely, the Super Bowl. We’re just betting on that. And since you might want to watch that, and you might want to have beer and game-day…
UrbandDaddy Bowl Season

Bowl Season

New York’s Nice Hot Bowls of Soup Bacon, leeks, baked potato, crispy skins, cheddar, jalapeño and sour cream. Basically a slightly liquefied lumberjack’s meal. 411: $8, available at Treadwell Park, 1125 1st Ave (at 62nd), 212-832…